Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24/2011 Elder Christensen "Calling Occupants"

Elder Monsen and I.... we took this same picture in the
same place 17 months ago.... what happened??? SICK!

19 months ago!
Hellloooooooo everyone! Wow.. We had a pretty normal week here in La Cisterna but nonetheless we had FUN. The Lord has also blessed us bastante... (How does that translate...anyone?) Blessed us.... a lot this week in the sector. Yesterday for example we found 4 new investigators just by knocking some doors and looking through our past investigators... The future looks bright watson! The good thing is that my companion and I are having a blast. Elder Higgs... talk about a classy guy haha. I`m also really excited that you guys got to go to Elder Poulsen...or.... ahem... Sam`s homecoming yesterday. What a straight shooter that guy. I learned a lot from him about just... being charitable and having a good time. Theres that song thats super old that says... "Don`t worry... be happy." If we could all remember that and actually apply it.... along with "Charity never faileth".... then we would be set for LIFE. That`s really become my new attitude on not only my mission but my whole life. Charity IS the pure love of Christ... If ye have not charity, ye are NOTHING... Strong words right? Nice work Moroni. "He who has charity in the last day, it will be well with him." SO good.

Okay then... This week I read the story about the Anti Nephi Lehi`s and when they buried their weapons of war. I know that I`ve already talked about this previously but it`s SO important and it`s something that we can do often in our lives. (See alma 23:24.) This people understood what conversion really is... they knew that their swords were clean and they actually feared God`s wrath against them... So they didn`t want to re-stain them... It says in 24:13 that maybe the blood of Christ would no longer be able to clean them if they returned to kill once more.... they got scared... so what did they do? They buried them up... Hid them... chao.... I LOVE 24:19..... Once they knew the truth and believed in it......they maintained themselves STRONG in it... They even were willing to die before taking up their arms again.. In the end. you know that like 1000 of them die but that more of the lamanites get converted than the number of slain men... The Lord works in mysterious ways to get his people converted right? Because those who had died were saved, and those who were killing them got converted... meaning that everyone was saved in the end practically... SO COOL! Anyways..... we need to re SEARCH our lives and figure out what our weapons ARE.... I know I`ve talked about this but its key honestly.... RID YOURSELVES of those weapons... I know its got to be hard. Some of your favorite music, movies, habits, etc... but DO it. Alma 13:12....After having been cleaned by the spirit, having cleaned their robes, being clean before God, they couldnt see sin without DISGUST.To me, sin is something... disgusting. It has to become that to us. Being latter day saints, that is part of what we believe. It`s part of who we are.... and it NEEDS to be that way so that we can have the spirit with us always. So that we can stand as witnesses of Christ at all times and in all places.... DyC 121:33...... "What power is there that detains the heavens? It would be as worthless for a man to reach out his arm to stop the flow of the Missouri river as it would be to try to stop the all powerful from spilling his spirit upon the latter day saints..." The POINT is... God`s spirit will continually be spilling upon those who are worthy.... if we are busy toiling with weapons of war, we will miss out on those important impressions we otherwise would have received. GET RID OF THEM NOW. LOOK UPON THEM WITH DISGUST!! Then, you will be blessed. I know that really is how it is... I`ve seen NUMEROUS examples of it on my mission... Once we fully consecrate ourselves and turn ourselves over to the Lord, we can take advantage of all that our loving father has in store for us. That is the message of today... Do it. Love it. Be HAPPY! Okay then... I hope you have a wonderful week. Know that you have a friend and family member on the other side of the world who`s prayin for ya. Take care now. Much love, Elder C.

Pics... Only two sorry... Don`t want to get robbed out there!

Elder Higgs and I in our tiny kitchen.. Its dope though!