Saturday, May 7, 2011

4/30/2011 Elder Christensen

Yours truly and Elder Stoddard with.... AS Italianos!! ( Said like a swear word
but its not one! ) Completo but with steak! So good.
Helloooo family!! Its been another excellent week here in the office.. Needless to say it was a tyring one because of the changes that we had.. We had to train the new missionaries on visas and credit cards and all that fun stuff.... We got to go to President King´s house to do it though which was sweet! They also gave us some DANK food... So good. Chicken cordon bleu with mashed taties and green beans... cheesecake for dessert.... I was like sitting there not wanting to eat my food because it was so good I wanted to save it haha. AMERICA WE LOVE YOU!

I have like no time so this is short. The most golden investigator I have ever seen in my life (NO JOKE) and her daughter are being baptized tonight.. It will be Elder Speakman, them, and I all dressed in white going for the plunge!! This lady is like disgustingly gold.... She explained to us the difference between deacons and teachers and priests on the spot.... I couldn´t even talk afterwards...

One quick spiritual thing I wanted to share with you all... People here don´t really like to have faith... They like to see. They need signs... Read this.... DyC 46:13-14.... To SOME it is given to KNOW these things (v13).... ( The prophet, apostles ) and to others it is given to BELIEVE. (US) WE must believe in what they say so that we can achieve eternal life. AMAZING SCRIPTURE!!! I loved it and marked it right away. Let each of us be a believer... This is the right path.. We have all the tools that we need... we just need to keep on nurturing our testimonies and we will be able to endure to the end...

Sorry its so short this week. Hopy you enjoy the pictures though! Much love,

Elder Kurtis Christensen
Secretario Del Presidente
Misión Chile Santiago Oeste

My ugly disgusting bloody toe. Very gross.