Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/7/2011 Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen's goady toe & Hermana King!
Wow I CANNOT believe it is already MOTHERS DAYYYYYYYYYY..... What in the world is happening to my life?? I was just barely sitting in the mtc looking at cards for you mom! Wow amazing... Unreal. The work of the Lord is honestly the best thing ever! It seems like everything that we do here in the mission makes us more and more converted to our gospel and helps to really understand our purpose here. It is the refiners fire as they say. I KNOW it is though. Like we have so many challenges... So many happy moments... So many different people we MUST get along with to maintain the spirit. So we quite literally are molded in the hands of someone greater than us.
Okay so I know that my toe is DIIIISSTUSSTINGGGGG right?? Imagine how I feel okay!! I am probably the only missionary in like the world who wears a Croc sandal and socks around haha. So I went to the hospital yesterday and they TOOK OUT those nasty stitches! Wow it did not feel that good either. Hoooooorrid!! But it´s getting much better. I haven´t even been able to wash it by the way haha! I have been wrapping my entire foot in saran wrap and ziploc bags and scotch tape EVERY TIME I shower. As of yesterday they gave me permission to shower and stuff! Man its weird. Super swollen still but it hurts way less. Its just all scabby and I really hope it gets better. With time no mas!

Elder Speakman, Ximena, Valentina & Elder Christensen
Okay so Ximena and Valentina our GOLDEN investigators got baptized and it was SO amazing! It was a huge miracle that Elder Speakman and I were able to perform the baptisms also! No water entered into my plastic covered food either! It was amazing. Hands down. Funny story though! So President King decided he wanted to come to our baptism and be with the people.... We were happy because we had it all organized and perfect for the 3 Baptisms that were going to happen... We show up right.... Two other Elders ( Elder Huaman and Elder Belmar ) were already waiting with the font filled for the baptisms. They were all excited to show us how the water was doing.... So they open the doors and *GASP* There is like TWO INCHES OF WATER in the font. OH NOOOO we thought.. President King is on the way, one of the baptismal candidates is already out in the foyer waiting, and the other two are on the way to the chapel... WHAT DO WE DO!?!? Quick decision!!!! We turned on the font water as fast as it would go (SLOW) and pulled the fire hose off the wall. HAHA!! This was so funny. We filled up the entire font with a fire hose!! President walked in and when he saw a fire hose on the ground said.... "Whats going on!?!?" It was a very spiritual and COLD baptism. Our investigator is honestly incredible. She has already been attending institute classes and we never even told her they existed. We just showed up and she was there. I was like... Uhhhh..... Okay then!!

Elders Christensen & Speakman

Mom I got you some wonderful gifts for Mothers day but I´m not exactly sure how to get them home.... I´m kinda scared to send them through the chilean mail system but it may come to that.... I guess we´ll talk tomorrow...

Its been a streeeeeeeessssssssful week as I´ve continued to learn and do my job here in the office. Its really a sweet place. The assistants help me out a lot too so it makes my life a little easier. Get this Elder Stoddard finished the mission this change... WHAT!? Thats not my trainer or anything... MAN!!

By the way the house looks CRAZY crazy crazy without any carpet or anything in it. I´m happy I was able to sit that one out. I bet in a series of weeks you will be living the lap of luxury and very happy with the decision you made to remodel. ALSOOOO Please CONGRATULATE kay and colb for the baby blessing and house and college graduations and ETCCC.... What amazing people!

Alright. Short letter. We are out of time. Pday was CRAZY because we went shoppin. I WILL ???TALK??? To you tomorrow! WOW! Thats so amazing! I hope you Enjoy the pictures I have attached. Hope you all know that I love you very much. Take care and hope you have a great week! Talk to you tomorrow!

Elder Kurtis Christensen
Secretario Del Presidente
MisiĆ³n Chile Santiago Oeste