Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/28/2011 Elder Christensen

THE SICKEST NEW ADDITION to my tie collection.
 Nice work mom. You never let me down. :)

Here I am! How are all of you doing? I hope that you are all doing well wherever you may be. Lots and lots is going on behind the scenes in everyones lives! Its so confusing to me how and why things happen the way they do. Just lots of changes I don´t know how to describe it. All the missionaries that have served know though! Things just happen that SHOCK you! Thats how I feel like every week while doing email.

I don´t have a ton to say.. I know I´m terrible at writing regardless of what you say! I always think of something amazing to say then... It leaves me and I´m too stubborn to write it all down ahead of time... I want to think of ONE miracle... one spiritual thing every single day. By doing that I will be able to see God´s hand in my life as well as have better emails!

It´s been weird and sad doing some things for Elder Jennings. I´m so happy to hear that Grandma and Grandpa went to the funeral. It really is something that has effected the whole mission. He really was a loved person who touched the lives of many. I know though, like many others, that he is doing a more important work and that he would tell us all to put our shoulders to the wheel.

We had some sweet appointments this week as well. The best were with a family who is amazing named the Pereira Family. The son named Franco just barely got back from his mission like a month ago and he has been helping us out with la obra misional. He invited his good buddy Carlos to come over to his house and listen to the missionary lessons. So last monday we taught Lesson one. All about the restoration, prophets, and apostasy but FOCUSED in on the Book of Mormon and Prayer. Really a great lesson. The spirit was there really strong as we testified that what the young boy Joseph Smith saw and did was true. To finish, we sang La oracion del profeta... Whats that called? Joseph Smiths first prayer I think. It hit me that he is also GOLDEN. My companion and I talked after about how we were really united. As you know we´re REALLY different but we´re coming together strong. Its amazing what happens to us here... I cant understand it nor explain it... We can just mold ourselves to changes really fast and embrace them. Anyways, we went back over to the Pereira´s house last night and watched the 20 minute Joseph Smith resoration movie. We thought it would be great to give him (Carlos) a good foundation right off the bat of prophets and of Joseph Smith particularly. He seems to really be progressing well and even agreed to come to church tomorrow. SO cool! The Lord is softening his heart right in front of us.
My companion and I in our chairs. His abnormal smiling face.

I had a few scriptures that I would like to share with you... They are in Mosiah 5:11-12. It says in 11.... translated..... "Look that ye not transgress, so that the name shall not be erased from thine hearts." When we make a covenant with our heavenly father, the name of his only begotten son Jesus Christ is engraved upon our hearts. AMAZING I think! Then it twelve it continues...."I would that ye should remember always to retain the name written always in your hearts that ye are not found on the left hand of God but that ye hear and know the voice by which ye shall be called, and also, the name by which he shall call you." MEANING that the renewing of our covenants is SO important. We will all make mistakes. We will all eventually transgress. Thats why it is important also to repent continually. In spanish it says... Tened Cuidado de no transgredir... Its like.. Be careful that ye do not transgress. I like that better. We need to be CAREFUL always and think about the outcome of the decision we are making. By doing this, we can stay closer to our Heavenly Father and know where which road to take when it comes time to choose. I really love it! That hit me so hard while reading it. Mosiah 5 is a really great chapter. Read it!

Alright. I just want to close by saying that I´m thankful for EVERYONE. Honestly. I´m thankful for what I´m doing here in South America. I´m thankful for my testimony and how it´s been able to grow over this time. I´m grateful to be part of THIS church. Everyday I see people who are members of INSANE religions based out of India or Evangelicos... I just feel bad honestly. This is the only COMPLETE and secure church... Why? Because it´s Christ´s church. He formed it. Joseph restored it. Now here we are living it. I cannot find one single imperfection in the church... Thats another reason why I´m grateful. Being a missionary is the best. Especially when I have a loving family and bunch of friends behind me. I hope you all have an excellent Memorial day week. Be happy for what you have. Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Take care and I´ll talk to you all in another week. Hope you enjoy the pics! Ciaooo! Much love,

Elder Kurtis Christensen

Secretario Del Presidente

Misión Chile Santiago Oeste


Me in front of the procedure room at the hospital where they worked on my toe. I´M NEVER GOIN BACK SO PRAY HARD!!