Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/17/2011 Hermana Christensen: Summerfest Pioneer-style

hola liebers.

not a whole lot to report on this week.. just another seven days have past in the best time of my life. ha. miracles every day... preaching the restored gospel of jesus christ... inviting others to repent.. you know the drill. i love my life.

so on saturday we had a sweet opportunity to go to a fair and set up a booth. haha. no big deal. just a fair. in pioneer dresses. all day. SO WEIRD. but so fun! people fed us garbage all day and we dressed little chillins up to be soldiers, backpack, musket, canteen and all. (i never thought i'd learn how to load and fire an 1816 flintlock musket on my mission...) anyway, it was such a neat experience to me; random people walked up to our booth and we were able to just bring it back to the gospel. EVERYTHING goes back to the gospel and everything pertaining to our security and happiness and answers comes back to the gospel. i was really surprised by how the words came and i was just throwing down, boldly testifying of the book of mormon or comosea. i loved it. it was exhausting, but exhilarating.

on sunday in church (we got to stay for relief society for the first time in five weeks. haha. what kind of a missionary am i?! i don't study, don't go to church, and i'm demonstrating how to use firearms?!!!), and the rs lesson was LA OBRA MISIONAL! hna miller gave us these little papers and we had to put ourselves in the situation of that person and explain how they would feel and what we, as members, could do. mine was "doesn't know anything about the gospel." i don't even remember what i said, but it came back to something about how if you take away the gospel, you take away ME. EVERY good decision i've made, EVERY thing i've learned, EVERYthing i've seen or done has come as a result of living the gospel. so not having the gospel would be... not living. not being. nothing. and i just told them that that's why i'm here.. the things that have happened in my life left me wondering what i would do without the knowledge i have, and that's where our brothers and sisters are--without the gospel. so what a blessing, a joy, an opportunity, a PRIVILEGE it is to do His work--to the work of the Master--and help others have the gospel in their lives.

I love this work. everything about it. oh, something sweet-- i got to read my scriptures yesterday haha and i received some siiiick revelation about moses 1:39--how the work and the GLORY of the Father is our immortality and eternal life. Remember what Christ said about His atonement? He said, glory be to the FATHER. But it was only THROUGH Jesus Christ and what HE did that we can have the Father's glory.

All is well. This transfer has flown. We'll kill our last week and see what happens. long live la mesa! on monday night we're going to celebrate the YEAR anniversary of the branch! CAN'T WAIT!

stay strong. these are the days. remember i love you. read your scriptures. go to church. study up some flintlock musket exercises. and keep going on those profiles! i'm sorry it's such a pain, but i can't wait to see them!


hna christensen
joan you dear thing, my mom sends pictures of you and i love to see your smiling face. keep smiling and know that i love you!

sister story. THE HERRERAS WERE FORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!