Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/3/2011 Hermana Christensen

to my dearest familia

what an unreal week. seriously! lets just get right to it!

elder perry threw down last week. it was awesome. he came with elder clayton and their wives and they were so powerful--especially their wives. elder perry told us our average lessons per week was needs to be almost trippled and that we need to be testifying with power and authority. he basically went through and taught the restoration to us.. only it was SO powerful and just amazing. he changed the tone of his voice and just testified hardcore. it was so intense. i think that everyone walked away grateful for the clarity of the gospel and the power of the restoration and for modern day prophets. it was so amazing!

and then.. guess what happened on saturday? hno chavez se bautizo. it was... definitely one of the most.. no words. one of the most incredible things that has happened on my mission. this WHOLE journey with him has literally blown my mind. did i ever tell you about that goal that i had? well.. early on in my mission i told my padre celestial that i wanted to find teach and baptize a man... a man who would contribute to the church, receive the priesthood and be a leader. elder perry also told us that we need to not just baptize anyone, but we are here to baptize the ELECT, to baptize those are ready, who have changed and who have accepted the gospel of jesus christ. he said to baptize those who will contribute to the kingdom. how incredible is that? well, HERMANO CHAVEZ WILL CONTRIBUTE. he was there way early, got all suited up, and was like a little girl on christmas morning there just waiting for us, sweaty hands and all. the service was beautiful; basically the whole rama came out for his baptism. there is SUCH unity and SUCH support and love in this branch! (i was thinking the other day about how amazing it would be to "die" in this branch. i would not be opposed to that ONE BIT!) seeing hno chavez all dressed inwhite... walking down that font... knowing that he KNEW this was the truth, knowing that he KNEW that THIS was what he needed to do because he'd gotten that answer directly from his heavenly father was so touching to me. he was beaming. after he was dunked he started crying. then he turned and waved at all of us. :) on sunday he nearly gave me a heart attack (he loves to make me suffer. he always says that he's going to hacerme sufrir" by being late or by whatever. haha) because he was wasn't there in sacrament meeting... but as i bowed my head for the sacrament, suuuper worried about what'd happened and waht would happen, he sneaked in... black pants. white shirt.... tie.. and ALL. what alegria! aahhh. he was confirmed and literally of the melchizedek priesthood holders int he branch were part of his confirmation because EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had played a role in his journey. the conf was beautiful. the spirit was so strong. then he bore his testimony... first. :) he bore a sweet, simple prayer full of gratitude and convicton. it was easily one of the most poewrful moments on my mission. guys, that goal that i had might've been a silly goal, but i'm soooo grateful that i was able to be a tiny part in hno chavez's life. being able to see firsthand the changes this man has made has made my testimony grow and swell immmmmmmmmensely. i KNOW that our heavenly father is in charge. he leads us to those that are READY. i KNOW that He has power to change hearts, minds, and LIVES. i KNOW that He loves His children and has a plan for EACH ONE. hno chavez has 100% transformed. he will soon receive the priesthood, a calling and a temple recommend. heavenly father changed his heart.he wasn't going to be baptized for a year. h e has so much opposition and so many hard things in his life, but there is such powre in the bom and inprayer. he got his answer and that was that. he decided for himself and was baptized. when we first found him he was a slightly contentious man who couldn't read and he didn't really know god or jesus christ... but now? he can read. his prayers are STUNNING and SO heartfelt. he has a testimony of our Savior and Heavnely Father and the restored gospel. he WILL contribute to the kingdom.

sister lewis asked me how i felt as we drove home after his confirmation.. i was so choked up i couldn't even speak. i have no words people. i have no words to even begin to describe what i feel. i have no words to describe the majesty of this noble work. there is nothing else that matters! i love being a part of the only important thing in the universe all day every day! i love watching people change as they accept their Savior and His gospel into their lives. I love my Father in Heaven for this opportunity to feel a portion of love for his children as we do His work. i LOVE him for His patience with me,a nd for all the blessings and opportunities He has given me. I am so grateful to be a missionary! I am also soooo grateful for you, my sweet family and friends. what a remarkable birthday it was. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the goodies, the lovin and the packages, thoughts and words. i really just feel such an outpouring of love and gratitude. i feel like i am getting worse and worse with words and with describing how I feel. just know that i lov eyou. the feelings i have are indescribable. but i LOVE you!

estamos en eso. there are so many other people who are prepared. who are in the camino. we jgot a really sad call a couple days ago about one of our golden investigators whose bf did some stuff and now they might break up... and he's the one that introduced her to the gospel... it just blows my mind how satan works and tries sooo hard to thwart the kingdom. HE WILL NEVER WIN but he causes so much damage, pain, and heartache! We are going to do the best we can to clean up this mess and invite her to enter the waters of baptism and be healed. we have so many people to teach and they are all so ready. we will press forward, never doubting, never stopping until the work is done!

again, i am so grateful to be a missionary. i am so grateful to be HERE. it's unreal how hf has even changed, scuplted and molded my little heart to love this place and these people. 'm so thankful i was called to them, to serve them and to love them and to share this gran gozo que tengo. everyday i marvel at the goodness of these people and their christlike ways that are just customary to them. i read 1 nefi 15:14 and realized THIS IS IT. prophecy fulfilled!

guys. press onward. stay strong. be grateful. know i love you. i cannot WAIT to see these pages. I'M SERIOUS! that was EASILY the best gift ever! (well.. apart from the most thoughtful book of LOVE from my sweetest mother!). to the rest of you: PLEASE! profile! you can do it! will you? i will continue to follow up... EVERY WEEK! hahah!

welp. this is bastante largo. i'll talk to you in like.. a number of hours. mindblowing.

hermana christensen

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derek and jenn... if you're reading this... MIND BLOWING!!! YOUR STAKE IS IN MY MISH NOW!!!!!!!!? okay! and second of all-- i was SO TOUCHED when i realized those little things were strawberry pies!!!! A--you are SO NICE to drive all the way down here just to deliver some bday goods! well, first, to even remember! b ut second, to do that?! b--THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! and c--i don't know why 'm enumerating like this.. just know that meant a lot and that i love you. hopefully i'll get to be seeing you soon! so cool!
love you all!