Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10-19-10 Hermana Christensen

Hellllllllllllllo amada querida LIEBER FAMILIA!!!

hi hi hi! man alive, can i just say that i am sooooooooooo uber grateful? sheesh! i thank you for your love, your support, your endless goodness! ah! I love you guys! i am SO blessssssssssed to have you!

It has been a loco week my friends. Loco loco loco. We had a zone blitz--where all the missionaries in the zone paired with members and we visited people in the ward. have i mentioned that i'm the largest ward? 900 people with like 300? ha. it's crazy! but this ward is the only english ward that's growing here. there is a TON of work to do, so the blitz was incredibly helpful. I want to be a member missionary forevermore! on saturday we did splits again, I was with Hermana De La Cruz and it was yet another humbling experience. I have so much work to do to try and get this missionary thing down. Planning? setting goals? driving? navigating?! ha. I got so lost at one piont in time (and she was just sweetly waiting for me to tell her where to go) and I felt like just crying and telling her to pull over, but no. I've felt that way a whole lot this week, with a couple different things. Just frustrated. On Sunday I took a moment up in the tower (with that gorgeous view) to just say a prayer, a heartfelt, not rushed prayer, asking for help. I didnt' feel like anything changed, but I was blessed with the knowledge that all i could really do at that moment was to just try.. to just go forward, to move, to do, to act. faith is a principle of action! So, even though sometimes I get discouraged, I'm trying to hard to remember that this istn' about me, and that if i'm a pure vessel I will be able to be lead and guided by God to do His will and His work.

I fear none of that even makes sense!

I am seeing ohhhhhhhhh so many broken families. I feel like Jacob, "oh be wise, what can i say more?" marrying less actives/ non members is SUCH tricky business! we are caught in webs with SO many different people because one spouse won't let his 3 (!) VERY prepared children be baptized. Or one less active trying to return to church and get his son baptized with little support from his catholic wife. Or the woman whose two sons aren't baptized and husband won't even let her go to church? I'm telling you, my little heart is breaking in there.. imagine what our Heavnely Father must feel! It is unreal. This work is about families though. It's about all of them coming together and returning to god... TOGETHER. i think that is one of the greatest blessings that has come from mine and brolee's missions--we are all headed in that same direction now. we love and missssss each other, but are SO eternally grateful for the plan, the knowledge, the unbelievable joy that comes from knowing that we can be together FOREVER! This is a beautiful work! Forever? What more could we possibly ask for? Ah. In a round about way, i'm just saying I'm grateful for you all. :) I'm also saying that helping families is my heart's desire. Check out that bottom parafo in my patriarchal blessing. Family family family family family family. Um.. family! That's what it's all about. Families are central to God's plan. He sent us here in families. I am so thankful I have this chance to help families be strengthened, brought together, and working in unison for the same goal; I have a testimony that THAT is what brings the deepest, most profound and inexplicable joy!

I sure love you all! Nunca olvidenlo!

hermana christensen

Mormon 8:22

porque los eternos designios del senor han de seguir adelante, hasta que se cumplan toas sus promesas.

ps so i forgot to mention. two times in the past week i have eaten...     BEANS.....and i survived!

the mission has turned me into a new creature. last night a member fed us chimis (like jenn's, which i ate and loved!) and you'd better believe i ate both! and there were beans in there!

are you proud? i knew you would be. i'm putting hot sauce in soup, on popcorn, on sandwiches... haha. it's called tapatillo? i've heard it's around the town. get some. people carry it in the purses here. there are huge glass jars in every fridge. get on it.

(and remember i love you.)(and have a great day!)