Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26/2010 Hermana Tawny

Based upon the sole evidence of bites all over my feet, they're in my bed. (The spiders. Not the waffles and cheese, though I guess you could say that was in my bed with me last night because that's what I was fed for DINNER. Horrific.)

Hermana C with COUSINS!
Hello hello mi lieber quierda familia!

What a week. You know, it's been a good week. I feel like I don't have anything to say but so much all at once. Hm.

It's been a little bit of a rough week, like not a whole lot to show for what we've been doing. We've spent a lot of time at the mobat (and it was amaaaaaazing seeing all the fam--what cuties!). Actually, I feel like I haven't said anything about this place. Okay, it's my homeland. Basically we are so blessed. Spending half of my days most days here is such a blessing. it's unreal how many people just wander in, wondering what this place is. I have fallen in love with the story again and again; because the Mormon Battalion did all that they did, our country is how it is today. The church is how it is today. Salt Lake City is how it is today! WE are who we are today because of them. Seriously, there was so much hardship and so many miracles that went into their 2,000 mile march. There isn't enough time to tell it all to the people that pass through here. My first little while here, I took to following the Temple Square sisters and carrying my bom through the tour with me and sharing scriptures, but I learned that that isn't allowed; this is a hard part abuot this place--it's a HISTORIC site, not a visitors center. Therefore, when people come here, we are to tell the story. We are to tell the history. We are to let the spirit of the battalion memebers that rests here do the rest. So this is hard because we have to balance testifying throughout the tour, because it can't be too overbearingly (is that a word) religious. So that's been really neat--praying for the help of the Battalion members as well as the family memebers of those visiting here to help us touch the people who walk through our doors. Super neat. there are miracles that happen all the time. The best was earlier this week when a girl came in all by herself; she's a member but had no idea about the mobat. She'd heard of it, but then look at that! when her business brings her here and her hotel is literally across the street from the mobat. :) anyway, after the tour she just GOT it. She was overwhelmed by the power of the story, and the faith and sacrifice of the men. I showed her the artifacts and was able to bear testimony to her then. (After the tour is ofically over we can bear testimony.) It was pwerful. And last night, apart from being kind of a creeper, a guy named Phil told me he came in skeptical of what this place could offer him, but was walking out with pamphlets, cards, books, dvds, and an appointments with the local missionaries. :) I started talking to a family that came in and he was all, "YOU HAVE TO GO ON THE TOUR, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, I PROMISE! I'M LIVING PROOF!" I just stood there smiling; it's neat to see the power. Heavenly Father leads people here. their ancestors lead them here. We aren't in this alone. There is a great work to be done! And even though we get HALF the time on our areas, heavenly father makes up for it. We find people for other missionaries AROUND THE WORLD to teach, and heavenly father helps us find ours. (And that's so true by the way, you wouldn't BELIEVE the crazy crowd of people that come in here! What the! And a whollllllllllle lotta germans. :) tm tm tm.)

I love you all. thank you SO SO SO much for all the bondad. thank you for all the love and support. And holy, thank you for all the goodies!! I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU! And hey, will you pleeeeeease thank hugely rob, trev, bret, mel and the kids for visiting? that's so sweet of them! thank them for all they sent with me--everyone here was benefitted! and also, tell rob and trev that i'm SO sorry--they gave me bread and jam and for some odd reason i just assumed it was from you, mom. but it was from them! tell them i felt so bad when i realized that i hadn't been as appreciative to them as i should've!

well i sure love you all. i'm off. thank you--sincerely--for all that you are and do. I feel your love and prayers. and you. you're with me, and i love and thank you for that!

hermana christensen

"y el oficio de su miniesterio es llamar a los hombres al arrepentimiento; y cumplir y llevar a efecto la obra de los convenios Del padre, los cuales El ha hecho con los hijos de los hombres; y preparar la via entre los hijos de los hombres, declarando la palabra de Cristo a los vasos ESCOGIDOS del Senor, para que den testimonio de El." -Moroni 7:31

"Dismiss the destructive and keep dismissing it until the beauty of the Atonement of Christ has revealed to you your bright future and the bright future of your family and your friends and neighbors. God doesn't car nearly as much about where you have been as He does about where you are and, with His help, where you are willing to go." -President Holland, "Remember Lot's Wife"; Byu address last winter. Get it! Soooo good!