Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9/28/10 Hermana Christensen

Bottom line: I love to see the temple, i went inside... TODAY!

It was unbelievable! Holy hannah! No words. I am just so grateful for the temple. So unbelievably grateful. Stunning.

We have no time today; literally an hour or so left of pday and we've gotta grocery shop and do laundry. All is well!

It has been a week of weeks, let me tell you that. Before I left the mtc, my wisest wise 2nd counselor in the branch presidency told me the most important thing i could learn on my mission was the worth of a soul. I wrote home a few times about that I think. I am so grateful for this chance to be here to learn and see and feel how our heavenly father must really feel about us--each separately and individually as his children. This past week the woody family came to church. My heart was bursting as I saw all four of them sitting there, glowing in the chapel. On thursday our one person with a baptismal date dropped us; she found out about polygamy and gave it to us over the phone. She even told us to take back the book of mormon we'd brought her--sister story said that was a first. We sat in the car and just cried. We LOVE these people. It's this love I can't even describe, but i know you know what i'm talking about. It is this love that is a FRACTION of what our heavenly father feels for us. the worth of a soul--a SINGLE soul--is unimaginable! We cannot even understand what our father in heaven feels for us. My prayers this week have been full of thanks for this chance to see even the smallest view of this love... (i'm so sorry, the words aren't coming). it's amazing. I know this is the most valuable lesson I can learn while here on my mission. And i'm so grateful.

the rs broadcast? get out. it was amazing! I am SO excited for conference! Ah!
I hope everyone is happy and well. i love you guys. i'm sorry tihs is short and silly and poorly worded. just know my heart is brimming over with love for you--that's all i could think about on sunday when derek and dev were at the mobat, or when i was at the tmeple today. family is everything. i love you guys. i am SO grateful fo ryou. you're in my prayers! fele my love!

hermana christensen

Hermana C with Jen, Leanna, Derek and kids! (Devin msut be behind the camera!)

Hermanas Story & Christensen with the HUNSAKER FAMILIES!!!