Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/5/2010 Hermana Christensen

and another! hermana livingston and me.

Okay get out of town. Wasn't gcon AMAAAAAZING?!!! Ah! It was so beautiful! Basically, during Richard G Scott and Robert D Hales I was wishing I was already holding the conference edition of the ensign so i could just mark the thing up with excited underlines and highlights. It was amazing! And Dieter? Kristen, I thought of you during that talk; did you love it? Simplifyyyyyyyyyyyy. And I love when he was all, "my voice! this is a foundational thing that I need!" What great men. We are so blessed to be led by inspiring men who receive revelation from a merciful God! This morning sister story and i practiced delivering short snippets of powerful bits of information to say to people on the street or whatever. (ps. there isn't companion study anymore. sd has been the testers for a year of doing whats called companion PRACTICE where you have to get into the mindframe of the investigator and receive revelation for them. it's awesome. i think it's being implemented all over the world now!) One of the greatest bits of truths we have is that of LIVING PROPHETS. the truths restored are so incredible and this is what we have to testify of; it's what sets us apart from all other religions. (look at pmg ch 9 the italicized parts when it talks about a few sentences of talking about the restoration.) So solid.

This past week was basically mind blowing. I have no mind left. It was blown up. After the temple we had two days of missionary training exchange--where president blew our brains up and then we did mini transfers. Then it was conference. I'm still recovering. But president really threw down with some awesome truths. He talked about how we always need to INVITE!!! in pmg ch 1 it talks about how we aren't just trying to get people baptized so they can join a club. We are offering them SALVATION!!! why would we not invite at every opportunity?! Also, by inviting others to come unto jesus christ by receiving the restored gospel of jesus christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end, we are inviting them to... repent! Like dc 15 and 16, the thing of most worth is to declare repentance. How neat is that? We are inviting them to make changes, to repent, and to be forevermore changed and bettered. I wish everyone could just see! During mte I was in our area with another sister and boyyyyyyyy did i learn some humility. i was pretty much lsot without the master navigator hermana story. some serious rebuking came then and there that i don't appreciate my companion enough. but the lord provided miracles and we found a new investigator--christian, who is in what she calls "a limbo." oh? you say you're in limbo? well, we can help with that! The Lord's hand truly is in this work. I know it.

President also talked about burying our weapons of war. Sound familiar anyone? priesthood session?! well, quick trivia. president is a scholar of hebrew and greek or something.. basically he's a genius. he told us that the word rebel literally means to "turn away from the light." how often do we turn away from the light by the little simple FOOLISH things we do? why do we hold on to the things that keep us from fully having the light in our lives? let us bury our weapons of war deeeeeeeep in the earth!

another thing i feel uuuuber impressed to mention is mormon.org. i know i know i know. but! this is the way you can all get involved in missoniary work. THINK ABOUT IT. you make a profile. people around the world can be led to it and can read your story. it doesn't have to be overly personal. follow the spirit. say what you're impressed to say. The church missionary department is encouraging everrrrrrrrrry member to have a profile by the end of the year. It's such an incredible tool in this new dawn of missionary work! you make the profile and can then tell your non member / less active friends to check out your profile. I know it's different in utah, but this is a worldwide, eternal wide effort. Get on it.

Well, I'm going to head out. Just know that I lov eyou all and i'm so uber grateful for you. I hope Hawaii was bliss and that the babe is settling well and that Chile is less chilly. I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of jesus christ. se que esto es la verdad de Dios y que su mano esta en este obra. El nos ama y quiere que estemos FELICES. Solo necesitamos tener fe y ser obediente a sus mandamientos y invitar a otros a venir de Cristo.

Les amo.

Hermana Christensen