Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18/10 Elder Christensen

Hello friends and family from very hot Chile! I have hardly any time to write so this will be short. We are seeing miracles here in the mission. It truely is the work of the Lord and WE are in his hands! All of you guys who are preparing for missions DO IT. Its the greatest thing you will ever do and really is the MTC for life. It prepares us for the struggles and challenges that we will face down the road and helps us to fully develop the attributes that have been bestowed upon us since the beginning. We´re working on two baptisms right now! It is really so great what the Lord can do through us. I´ve seen changes in people that I NEVER thought I would see. One girl took our her piercings and now she dresses like a normal person! MIRACLE!! Entire families are seeing the results of what the gospel can really do for us. Sometimes in Utah we forget these things. The people of Chile LIVE the gospel. On Sunday some go to church. Next they go to choir. Next they help us with lessons. Next we go to their house. The members are missionaries and sometimes we forget that in our little bubble in Utah. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!! LIFT WHERE YOU STAND!!! I love you all so much and I work and pray for each one of you daily. CIAOOO!!! Elder Christensen

PS Just two pics this week. Very boring I´m sorry. TONGAN SANDWICHES!! COLBY WOULD BE PROUD!!!

2 eggs. doscientos pesos. one pack chicken top ramen. trescientos pesos. 2 pieces of bread. Who knows. 2 pieces of ham and cheese... trescientos pesos... A hugely delicious piece of magic that helps me maintain my fatness.........? Priceless. Love you guys! (from Kristen: That’s 200-300 pesos or $.42 to $.62)