Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/2/10 Elder Christensen

Hello family and friends! Man it is so hot here today! We had a zone activity at the planetarium and we were all just sweating like crazy! Hahah! So both of our baptismal candidates had their interviews. One of them passed! Her name is Daniela. She is like 18 years old and she is super catholic. She has always told us that she would never get baptized here and that she loves her church. Her parents are both LDS as well. Both recent converts. They played a part too! We had some strong strong lessons with her though! One day we hit her with the 17 points of the true church ALL from the bible. At first she was so excited to try and prove us wrong and stuff but..... It didn´t work! She´s super happy and made the progress she needs to make this covenant with our heavenly father. Our other candidate, Jose, recently drank! Man! How hard is that!?!?! So he has to wait and prepare a little more so that he can fully appreciate his baptism. It is now set for the 21st of November. Daniela will be baptized this sunday the 7th and asked me to do it!! In my mission we are supposed to encourage the members to do it and I told her that it would be better that way but she wants me to do it so... We´re doin it!!! I´m really excited!!! We´ve worked so much with her and its FINALLY time!! Well... The life is so great here. Obviously as a missionary there are trials and you miss your home sometimes...But the knowledge that my heavenly father was able to work through us to bring souls to salvation is so much better. We are literally bringing them what WE have. Yes I love my family and friends!! I want EVERYONE to have to same chance to have the same blessings and appreciation that I do!! Well.. I´m flat out of time. Remember everyone... No matter where you are... TO LIFT WHERE YOU STAND. YOU can make a difference. Keep living the principles of this marvelous ( I have no idea how to spell that! Freaking spanish! ) gospel and progressing every day. I´m praying for all of you and love you so much. CIAOOOOOOOO! Elder Christensen

Pics on the way mom. I love you so much. Keep progressing and loving the gospel. you are in my prayers. I love love love you!! reminders everywehre! I heard van halen in a house this week ( Jump ) and I wanted to cry!!! I love the family and this gospel!! Ciao until next week! CHANGES!!! CIAOOOOOOOOOO! Elder C!

We have a baptism this week! Shes´asked me to do it!! WOO!

Our Orem East Stake VIRTUE TIES!!!!