Monday, November 8, 2010

11/8/2010 Elder Christensen

Before the baptism with Daniela and The whole family!
Friends and Fam! I have like no time but I just wanted to let you all know that we had a baptism yesterday. It was SO powerful. When I feel the spirit really strong all I can do is smile! I just smile I can´t really explain it!! Then I start tingling all over! But this family was really destroyed not too long ago... Now they are so united. This girl was such a strong catholic but she bore her STRONG testimony after her baptism that she KNOWS this is the right path for us. She cried as well as us a little bit. It was very emotional and such a great experience. The GOSPEL does this!! To everyone reading this right now I´ve rationalized it like this... We LOVE our familes or at least I do. I have gained such an appreciation for them and for the great moments we have had. We have so much love and unity and we miss each other sometimes... To me my family is perfect. I thought... Hmmm. We as missionaries are doing THIS. Its not so much all the little things... Its FIXING FAMILES to be like ours!! The gospel does this. Simple things like family home evenings, going to church, the scriptures, family prayers, and even just eating dinner with the family help us so much to develop unity and love together. I have made this part of my purpose as a missionary. MAKE MORE FAMILIES feel like I feel about mine! Help them LIVE and LOVE the gospel. I hope you can all do the same this week. Find time in your busy lives for your family!! Love them! I gotta run. The Church is true!! Elder Christensen!!
Hope you like those pics mom. The one of Elder H and I was taken about 5 mins ago. I know you love it!! You´re in my prayers cutie! Love your life in Utah please! Keep up the great work! I can´t wait to read your letters today! CIAOOOOO! Keep supporting dad in all you do and LOVE Your neighbors!!
Elder Tialavea and I!! Kids so cool! BYU FOOTBALL!!

Elder Hernandez and I RIGHT NOW doing internet!! You like that tie and knot?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow.. The mission teaches you ties! Hahahahha!

Love you all so much. Let your light so shine this week! I´ll do the same here in South America!! CIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Elder C!!!!