Monday, November 15, 2010

11/15/10 Elder Christensen

Hey everyone. So today my internet session was fried. I put itunes on the computer only to have all the songs get erased. Then the internet crashed. Then I couldn´t print your letters. Then nothing I had would send. Basically I had it all planned out to get an email out and chat with you guys but my internet was terrible. All is well here. TAWNY I got your package and opened it! THANKS FOR THE FOOD AND THE SICKKKKKKK TIES!!! Mom and dad. I got your hawaii package too. Wow. It came late but it came FULL and awesome! I´m so sorry for today. Its crap and I feel terrible. I usually have time to write you individually and then chat as well but today was so bad. I´m so frustrated. My comp is standing and ready to go so I have to cut this off now. The work is GREAT. We are working so hard and having great results. Tawny and the Fam. I´m wondering if there is going to be some way that we can all arrange to talk together for christmas. Talk to your mission president tawny! I think we may have to arrange a conference line or something. I´m gonna ask my president too. Mom I´m still working on getting a pic with something chilean. I have pictures to send today but I don´t have time to send them. Maybe next week I can get a computer that works and we can do it like normal. Again I´m so sorry. I´m a bit upset I have to wait another week to talk to you all but... thus is the mission right?? Dad I love you keep working hard and loving your neighbors. Try to stay happy and kick out your stress from work! Mom. Keep doing all you can to support dad and loving him and the gospel. Keep being you! Kay and Colb. Keep making smart decisions together and preparing to have another member in your family! Tawny. Keep working hard. I know you are a great tool in the lords hands. Again.. I´m sorry this is so lame. That will make next week even better right?? I love you all so much! You´re in my prayers!! OH!!! We have another baptism this week! An 18 year old kid named Jose!! I¨ll have pics next week! I love you alllllllllllllllllllllll ciaoooooooooooo!!

Elder Christensen