Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/09/2010 Hermana Christensen

I told hermana about the 26 thing this week. she was skeptical but then her groceries were 26 dollars and just about everything that could've been a number was 26, so...

Henry and Hermano Peterson

guys guess what? no big deal. henry was TOTALLY BAPTIZED!!!! it was SOOOo legit. Honestly.. this is just a taste of eternal joy. seeing our brothers and sisters come to the knowledge of the truth. seriously. and the fact that henry was so uber prepared... wow. there are people JUST LIKE HIM all around the world! it's all about us having the faith to find them, right?

a guy came in yesterday morning for a tour that was from italy, living just downt he street from us! what are the odds?! he's good pals with janita anderson and actually wrote neena on her mission. what? anyway, he told me that he found the missionaries when he was 19 on the buses in italy; he said something told him to go talk to them. "And my life has been changed forever.. for the BETTER!" it was so sweet. there's just such love here, so many amazing people come in and i feel like I'm the one that ends up edified! I feel so scattered right now--i apologize. but i really do just feel so full of this inescribable happiness, like this warmth and peace in knowing that i'm here in this moment for a reason. god works in such mysterious ways. he's putting people into our paths according to his timetable. henry came to camilla baptism over TWO MONTHS AGO and he and his family noticed how happy hermana and i were, and they remembered us. so when she were trying to decide what to do with henry when he decided to take the lessons, they remembered us. what? and camilla wasn't baptised with the other missionaries who'd taught her before because heavenly father KNEW that henry would come to her baptism and that we all needed to meet each other. i'm telling you. it's unbelievable the things that are going on and the feelings of love and familiarity that i'm finding around every corner. it's an incrdibly small world.

so henry was taught in vegas for four months and was never ONCE invited to baptism. hmmm. i hope that's not peties mission! henry said he was ready but no one ever invited him. wow. president says that people can't get to salvation unless they are baptized.. so why are not inviting every chance we get?!

tomorrow is zone conference. translation: tomorrow my brain will explode. president is brilliant. one day i'll kidnap him and take him to the temple and tie him down to a chair in the celestial room until he drains out his every bit of wisdom. good thing they live close! ha. can't wait.

i'm glad to be in chula still. with my hermana. things are good. we've got soooo many people with soooo much potential. people lives are just SUCH a mess without the gospel! they just NEED IT! it's really the solution for everything. :)

i love you guys. i'm so grateful for you. i've been thinking a lot about how far our family has come throughout the years. there are few lessons when i don't mention my family in some way. i'm soo grateful for you all. just know that. we've come so far! and there's even farther for us to go, and i'm grateful we get to go it together. :)



i hope that everyone is having a WONDERFUL week! i'll talk to you next time!

hermana christensen

ps. tell leelee happy bday on the 16th! and tell kels that LIVE IT UP!!!! she's going to LOVE the mtc! kels kels kels! don't stress baby don't stress one bit. get a lot of those little baby socks from target. bring a coat with a HOOD. there are awesome little side bags at the mtc that everyone here loves. hm what else. bring sweaters. long sleeved stuff to mix and match. and you really will need an umbrella. it's RAINY! i'm SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU KELS! what a tm! ah! know i'm praying for you! ALL MY LOVE SWEETNESS!

"Porque he aqui, so yo el que hablo; he aqui, soy la luz que brilla en las tinieblas, y pormi poder te doy estas palabras. y ahora, de cierto, de cierto te digo: pon tu confianza en ese espiritu que induce a hacer lo bueno, si, a obrar justamente, a andar humildemente, a juzgar con rectitud; y este es mi espiritu. de cierto de cierto te digo: te dare de mi espiritu, el cual iluminara tu mente y llenara tu alma de gozo; y entonces conoceras, o por este medio sabras, todas las coasa que de mi deseares, que corresponden a la rectitud, con, fe, creyendo en mi que recibiras." dyc 11:11-14
After Henry's Baptism!!!