Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 Hermana Christensen

we just found these guys. they're members that have moved into our ward--vanessa and valerie tellez--and we love them.
Hello hello everyone!

I am going to be full of rage if i find out you opened my christmas present before the 25th of december. haha. but seriously. if you did already, put all that goodness back into the box and WAIT to enjoy it all, my goodness!
It was such a joy to see the dyers. christine and i hugged forever--it was soooo good seeing her! Ah! I seriously just feel so grateful for the ward and for my family.

Thanksgiving was beautiful. Basically we partied at the mobat for a little while (pictures someday) and then went and visited a whole bunch of people. but hyonestly, we didn't take much advantage of the eats. sad news, but oh well. I had one piece of pie and deeeeeelish sweet potats. raging. ha ha. danky dank. but anyway, the point is that i realized how many lonely people there are in the world--especially around the holidays. i'm grateful that i have a companion that is so sweet and thoughtful and rad, and that we both have other sisters and members surroudning us to help us out, not to mention awesome families and an all knowing father in heaven. i'm just thankful. even if/when we feel alone, we aren't. He's there. He understands. there's a line in my patriarchal blessing that says I will be led to those who need me and that when i need them, they'll come to me. I know it's true. I know that we are all here for each other. simple as that.
there's literally no time. i'm sorry i won't have time to write you all your separate emails, but i wanted to say:
colb--your stack of paps are immaculate. i've gone through TWO and have already been inspired. my district has asked for copies of the mediocrity paper.

willy--i got to ride a stationary bike this past week (JOY!!!!!!! SOOOO HAPPYYYY!) and i thought ofyou. it's amazing how fast you lose it like you said! yikes. also. about rubios--i realized why i like it so much and why you have no reason to give me all that garby. i've eaten authentic mexican food and it makes me a little sick because it's soo greasy. but rubios is FRESH eats! and i don't feel heavy and gross and fat after eating it. does that make sense?

ma--my advent times will be PERFECT. you're so thoughtful! thanks for jenn's address! i think pg 42 of the ensign was my fave. and my fave bom part--the whole thing. no but seriously. alma 26 is my fave fave fave.

bro--YOURE SO AWESMOE! keep going in el conquistador. i may have a referral for you soon!!! ... it's brewing. :) ENCONTRAR ENSENAR BAUTIZAR!

kaylynn--your freaking pictures are HIGHLARIOUS and i particularly loved all your diction; my favorite: mediocre at best. HA! thank you! i know we are missed if you're quoting us! keep it up!

you guys. i want you to know that i count you first as i enumerate my many many blessings. i love you more than i can say! i want you to know that i feel your prayers. honestly, when i get down or discouraged, it literally canNOT last for long because something good immediately comes; i know that is heavenly father blessing me because there are so many of your praying for me and my success and happiness. i'm serious. i got some pretty profound revelation about that the other day, when i was thinking about how this should probably be harder than it is... then i remembered my cheerleaders and it all made sense. :) your prayers are felt. oh, are they!
i hope everyone's thanksgiving was beautiful. i love you. i am thankful for forever families.

hermana christensen