Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/10 Hermana Christensen

UTES?!!:  a bunch of them came in this week for the game, and it was sooo confusing for me.. i'd see the big UTAH on their chests and i'd get excited, but then i felt this instantaneous hatred for them... haha jk. but seriously. it was confusing for me. utah! wait... ugh utah. haha dang utes.


happy week of thanksgiving! and myyyyyyyyyyy am i ever grateful for all of you? SO grateful! i feel like gratitude is something i can be so much better on--just noticing the good things and not worrying about the other stuff. :) i'm redoubling my efforts in that zone. :)

oh, before i forget, i talked to president and he was totally cool with a conference call of sorts. BRO! that'll be siiiiiiiiiick. but i really have no clue how yall will do it. you may need to get skype? i dunno. bros i just don't know. but i DO know that it'll be classy and i cannnnnnnnnot wait. (bro i heard that if things don't work out with that you may be able to call me here, too. so don't fret son. ps. adolf hernandez? hahaha i laughed SO hard! hahaha.) oh man. anyway, that'll be great. get workin on it!

it's been a good week. somehow or another we had about nine lessons with less active recent converts... that is a WHOLE lot. but it was good. i loved what bro said the other week about how this is a family matter and how we are here to strengthen families so they can have what we have. that is SO true. we're really working with the woody, esparza and pongia families to see that. if they were all in this together and if they all wanted the same things and were all headed in the same direction.. ah! things would be so much easier for them and they would feel god's love in their lives more.

yesterday morning we were talking with our district leader about how we can be truly converted in this work, not just for the duration of ourmissions, but for forever. this quote came to mind:

"if we are to build zion of which prophets have spoken and of which the lord has given a mighty promise, we must set aside our CONSUMING SELFISHNESS. we must rise above our love from comfort and ease and in very process of effort and sturggle, even in our extremity we shall become better acquainted with god." ;-gbh

wow. how's that for power? i know that there are certain things i am selfishly holding onto--like studying 1/2 hr of the bom for ME and not using what little time i have to study and prepare for others-- etc. i know that the second we render our WHOLE hearts to god, He'll endow us with power. so that's what i'm working on. that and christlike attribute of the week charrrrrrity... we can get there. the more we try to become like our Savior, we can help those around us. it's such a purifying process--the way it's meant to be.

welp i'm fresh out of time. i want you all to know that i am SO grateful for you. seriously. when i get down, i rest easy, knwoing i have a family at home who is behind me 126%. you are such a blessing and strength. and this thanksgiving season, as i count my OVERFLOWING blessings, you are at the top of my list.

i love you all.

happy thanksgiving! enjoy it thoroughly!!!

hermana christensen