Monday, July 5, 2010

7/5/10 Elder Christensen

Elder Stoddard and I with President and Sister King

To all the friends and family!! Another week in Chile gone.... I´m convinced that the mission is the biggest time warp I have ever been in. I honestly have no idea how it goes so fast... Ridiculous.

Well we played a sweet game of soccer today. Actually a whole bunch of games. We had 3 teams of 7 and played on this little turf field. It was way fun actually. I happened to look slightly special because.... well obviously I´m white haha. Soccer has never been my sport. But hey with the help of the Latin missionaries? I´ll be a boss in no time.

The work here is going great. I´m still amazed at the laziness of the people!!! Hey people we´re here to change your lives now read these ten verses!! Haha. I honestly am loving it though. I´m to the point with the spanish where I can joke and have a good time every so often and that makes life a little more easy. Pilch told me that its about having a good time while working hard.. For Pilch it was probably more like... Have a good time maybe work afterward hahahaah. Just Joshin no pun intended. That analogy is helping me though.

We have a baptismal date coming up in about 2 weeks! I´m really excited for it. We have only had one so far in which we didnt perform the actual ordinances. Here they encourage that the members do the baptisms... Kinda a bummer but its not our work its gods. Theres a scripture somewhere that says... its gods glory not mine... but I can´t remember where. I´m lovin the scriptures! I forgot to tell you guys that I finished the BoM in english like 3 weeks ago.. Its such an amazing book and we can learn so much from it. I´ve been reading the spanish BoM out loud almost since I got here. Its just sooooooooo sloooooooooow. I´m only in like 1 Nephi 14 or something. It pays off though. I can understand the scripture language MUCH MUCH MUCH easier than I can understand these chileans. Haha. They are crazy but you gotta love em.

I´m used to everything now. The sleep schedule is shweeeet.. I love traveling by metro and colectivos. I am used to the tiny shower and all haha. Pretty much you may as well just say that I´m accustomed to it. The mission. AND I¨M LOVIN IT!! Its so much easier than it was before. Knowing the language a little more helps so much. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REALLLLLL.

So I read Tawny´s email about how the General Authorities are speaking and stuff down in the MTC. I´m just a little bit jealous. When Elder Holland and Elder Perry spoke I was like WHOAHHHHH these guys rock. They can bring the spirit SO strong you can cut it with a knife I swear. But to have all those guys together? Thats a powerhouse honestly. Im glad to hear she is doing well.

I must say it was a little different to be celebrating the 4th of July in a whole different country. At least I have this little american flag! Love it mom! The members here gave us some really good food. I´m not sure if they knew it was the 4th or if it just happened to be a coincidence. Either way it was a great holiday nonetheless.

Well.... yet another monday gone. I´m out of time. I just want to leave by saying that I know that this whole church is true... everything that we do is for a reason here. Having to re-learn the whole gospel in another language has really strengthened my testimony... In good old Orem Utah we have no idea how destroyed the world really is.. Ya we listen to general conference and oh ya its always the same old stuff..... but... honestly the world is destroyed out here. Families are honestly ruined. Be greatful for the gospel that we have and for our way of life. Its so much happier!!! How couldn´t it be right?? I love Tawny´s thought about... how do people even live without the plan of salvation?? Not knowing where you´re going and what not?? Its so true.... The mission is so worth it. These people NEEEEEEED what we have. I love you all so so much and miss you! Hope everything is going great for all of you.

Much love, Elder Kurtis William Christensen.