Monday, March 14, 2011

2/14/2011 Elder Christensen

Hello to all the people out there who are so awesome..... It´s been another great week here in Talagante! We´ve been having a really great time here. Our house is so awesome too! Its such a refreshment to live with 4 missionaries again! Living with 2 is fun too but its just different! Its way better to share experiences and be with 2 more. This week... We taught some really powerful lessons and I felt many times the spirit testifying to ME and the people there. Although the branch here is tiny, the members are so faithful. We had 44 at church this week. I gotta snap a pic of this building haha. Its nice but we feel like we´re in the Joseph Smith house or something I dunno its weird! My comp also got sick... so we were inside the house for 3(!!!) days.. I got sooooo bored haha. I finished unpacking all my junk, cut my hair, cleaned the house like its never been cleaned before, and studied. I got a lot done. It actually RAINED here!!! It was a Christmas miracle!!! It was COLD and I didn´t even care. It was a break from the blazing sun!

I´ve been reading the Book of Mormon again and this is by far the best time I´ve had reading it yet. I´ve decided I´m going to read and re read it forever and mark it in a different color each read.... I asked a member this week where she was in her reading... She said.... "Ya lo terminé" Or... I already finished it! Thats when I was like... uhh..... no? I actually said out loud, You can never finish the Book of Mormon! The prophets have told us we should be CONSTANTLY reading el Libro de Mormónpo! Its just got powerrrrr!! it doesn´t matter if you read about the lamanites and pride and all kinds of garbo that you don´t understand.. YOU READ right? Thats whats important. The book has a power that is with us all day.. Thats what people don´t understand.. They say.... I´ve already read it.. Or.... I don´t learn anything in the war chapters... NOT IMPORTANT PLEASE SPARE ME. Nopè... Always need to be reading it. If I want the spirit with me every day I NEED TO READ. I have the habit and I will never lose it. We went on divisions with the elders from the MTC. It was way cool. They told us not to hardly talk and let the greenies do all the work.. The kids name was Elder Traverso. Chileno from Santiago. Way cool. We had a SWEET miracle too. We found a lady and a member that we were with explained that we had prayed to find those who were waiting.... she quietly said... I was waiting for you... I was like.... AOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We blessed her house and left her a LDM... Then we wrote down their address and passed it along to the Hermanas who work there. I told the family... Buenoooo no vamos a regresar a su casita pero las hermanas que van a venir tienen cualquier poder!! Or.. We´re not going to come back to your house but the hermanas who are gonna come have tons of power!! Its true.. The hermanas are better missionaries!! (Right Hermana Christensen? :D)

Needless to say again it has been a great week. I think a lot about my friends who are on missions and all the support that we have as missionaries. It truly is a blessing to be able to serve the Lord in this time. There is NO better thing that you can do as a person to grow and become closer to our savior Jesus Christ. I´ve seen examples through my own friends, investigators, members, of the changes that come from choosing to raise the bar or not. Those who WANT to serve and those who don´t. Those who apply the gospel and its principles and those who don´t. The difference is huge. It makes me sad to see people fall when the principles are SO SIMPLE. SOOOOOOOOOOO SIMPLE. The path of the iron rod is STRAIGHT AND NARROW. You know all that you have to do to be a good person... To be a good member... But do you apply it? Thats where we put ourselves in front of Christ and his gospel. That´s when the spirit leaves us and we start to lose the SIMPLICITY of the vision of the gospel. The natural man wants to do all kinds of things... but the natural man is God´s enemy. We need to live in discomfort and push ourselves to the limit of our spirituality! Just do what I always say..... Do what you can when you can. + KING SIZE. Its now a candy bar. Do what you can when you can KING SIZE. Hope you all have a great week. Know that I love and pray for you all. The church is true. Live it. Love it. SPREAD it. Ciaopo. Elder Christensen

Happy VDay!