Monday, March 14, 2011

2/7/2011 Elder Christensen

To all those people who I love on the other side of the world--- I would definately say that this week has been one of the CRAZIEST weeks in my mission... You all remember how I was in MaipĂș... Thats like... The city city city status.. Tons of people, Loud music everywhere, 29347 Dogs on every corner barking.... Ya.... Officially NOT anymore!! I´ve been changed to a little TINY branch called... "La Islita". Its very very very country!!! Its about half an hour away from a city called Talagante... We have to take a bus to get there from here. Then theres another city called "La Isla de Maipo" thats like.... the Island of Maipo... So ours is the little island!!! Islita!! Another fun little fact you may all enjoy... ITS A BIKE SECTOR!!! There are I think 4 sectors in the whole mission that use bikes... I¨M IN ONE!!! The first days I was definately struggling on that thing!! Our sector is the biggest in the entire mission I´m pretty sure... To get to the far side of it is half an hour in a bus.... Theres another place in the opposite direction that is 45 mins to an hour on bikes.. So its different!! Its very very very calm in this place! MUYYYY TRANQUILOOOO!!!! We live in a tiny little development but as soon as you leave out of that?? Theres like nothing.. You just gotta ride your bike for awhile then eventually you get to a little tiny town called Maiten.... Then another half an hour is a smaller city called Lonquen. I love it here though!! It was a very tough change. All the people who have served missions or who are currently serving know how hard it is to get changed from a place you love. But hey!! Thats the mission! Bienvenidos!

Another difference... ON A GOOD DAY... there are 40 to 50 people in the ""Chapel"" which is actually just a tiny little house!! I have said pretty much my whole mission that I have wanted to see something different! Heck I´m from OREM UTAH!! I´m used to huge wards and tons of mormons! Its time for me to get a taste of this!! I like it a lot though already! Its been really easy to get to know the members at least because there are so few ;) Still... It doesn´t matter where you go there are faithful people!

My new companions name is Elder Gutierrez. Hes a chileno. HUGE balla. Oh ya... They made me senior companion too. Hes got 6 months in the mission. I feel that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with a great duty here in la islita!! If we can get more people to get to church they will begin construction on a new chapel for us!! I´m so excited! Well I don´t have a ton to say and I have to get some pictures sent today. I hope all is well and that everyone is having a great day! BE HAPPY! We are members of the ONLY true gospel in the world!! My sector is FULL of virgin mary statues and people praying to them... Uhm... HELLLOOOOO Earth to brint?? That statue doesn´t hear you!! (please... take a second and read Psalms 115 LOL) But thats why we´re working right? Do what you can NOW. Lift where you stand. Have an excellent week. Love you all so much. Elder Christensen