Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/24/2011 Elder Christensen's HUMP DAY!!!

This note and pictures came from Hermana King:

Well you know now that we have called Elder C to be in our office with us. We are thrilled he will keep us all laughing I just love Elder C. He is learning fast and has lots of talent he is very organized and willing to do what ever is needed.. I was just there with him and he was sharing his birthday treats. He loves to brag about his family.  What a blessing to have a family like yours--you are a wonderful example to the whole mission.

Elder Christensen's & Elder Monsen's HUMP DAY

Well today I was with him and Elder Monsen and they told me it was their 1 year mark in the mission WOW! So I took these pictures for you. Elder Cummings is his companion he is also training Elder C to be our new mission Secretary. I tell ya they crack me up it is so good for me to get to be in there for a while and just laugh and enjoy. You know how they are. It makes me miss my Scott.

Elder C and Elder Cummiongs