Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/26/2011 Elder Christensen

Elder Monsen and Jorgensen, Elder Stoddard and I. 
Okay... so... How did a week just go by? I don´t get it!! So weird! Actually I do get it... It happens when we put our head down and just work work work.. Then when you look up its pday again... Weird situation. I bet that life is just going to be like this from now on so I´d better just get used to it. Its still REALLY weird being the secretary! It´s very different for sure. Whats weird to me is that we have to call everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyone to do everything. This week let me try and break down a couple things we did.... We have compiled hugeeeeeeeeee visa packets which includes all the new missionaries information.. So much stuff.. We also had to reserve a whole bunch of chapels throughout the mission for meetings and interviews for the missionaries. Its weirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! I´m used to preaching all day and talking about Christ with everyone. Now its like... the opposite... Now we talk about visa issues, ward boundaries, airplane tickets, missionary problems, and ALL KINDS OF GARBAGE. Haha. So what I now need to do is learn a wholeeeeeeeeee other kind of vocabulary. The business vocabulary. Mom didn´t Hermana Dorius email you about some of my responsibilities or something like that? Another thing we need to do is buy plane tickets for all coming and going missionaries... Its stressssfullllllllllllllllllll!!! Dad now I know what you are talking about haha! Basically the office is sick. I´m getting more used to it but still I find myself nervous on a daily basis. The Elders here have noticed it and they think its a bad way to live. That I shouldn´t live in fear. I agree but at the same time not.... Having a fear makes me do a better job... but at the same time being nervous isn´t fun. I guess that with time I´ll learn to control it better.

We went to the COAST!! That´s right!! You
like the ocean and all that? I had forgotten
the smell of ocean... it was awesome!
I GOT YOUR PACKAGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s SOOOO awesome. Full of all kinds of goodness! My favorite part are the SICK ties that are in it! Wow. Plaid goodness. EXCELLENT selection for whoever chose them!! Oh by the way... The whole office.. well.. The whole MISSION loves your chex mix mom. I can´t lie its way too good. Wow and white rabbit? I forgot that even existed. Bottom line.......... THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone!! My birthday was sweet! Its still weird.... The next time someone asks me how old I am and I say "veinte" I´m sure I´ll have some kind of panic attack. I´ve driven a couple times already and lets just say..... ITS RIDICULOUS!!! The people ALL drive like Dad.... Imagine dad in a rental car x 2038947 chileans in the street and you´ll have santiagos driving conditions.... Not to mention the van we have isn´t a ford focus... Its weird driving with such a beasty thing... I still haven´t learned to drive stick but I might die... I´ll keep you updated on that haha. A couple days ago we received an email that was a plane ticket saying an elder was going to head on out April 4th... No big deal right? HUGE DEAL!! That means that Elder Cummings will be heading out of here in ONE MORE WEEK. Meaning that I have very little time to learn a WHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lot of stuff! pray pray pray for me plzzz!

That´s all the greenies luggage. A HUGE PAIN to get here. We had
 a whole separate bus for their luggage haha. So we HAD to take this
 picture.. I know you love it! 15 gringos luggage! TONS!
We´ve only gotten out in the sector a few times but we´ve had a bunch of miracles.. Elder Cummings said... "God knows we don´t get out in the sector too often so he blesses us more" ITS TRUE. We´ve had a bunch of success here so far. Theres a lady who smokes A TON. So we all talked about her quitting smoking. She says its impossible and that shes tried everything... Sounds like your tipical person who has never had the gospel in their life. Anyways, we made her a plan with a HUGE poster to put on her wall as well as a box of "Spiritual Cigarettes". If there are any missionaries reading this now with investigators who have smoking problems, TRY THIS. You make a little cigarette box with like an old cereal box. Then you cut up little papers and write scriptures on them. Scriptures that apply to the situation of quitting smoking... Theres a TON. Then, you roll em all up and put them in your little box.. Oh ya. On the outside of the box cut up a couple pass along cards and tape them on. We left her those too and told her that every time shes tempted to smoke, take out a spiritual cigarette and say a prayer. THIS IS GOING TO WORK!! I love the gospel and the power it has to change lives... Well I don´t have a ton more to say. I love you all so much. The church is true. It honestly is. There is NO better way.. No straighter path. Keep on keepin on. Have a great week! °°°Elder Christensen°°°