Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/22/2011 Hermana Christensen

what in the world?!!!

 hno chavez hnos miller [ward mission leader/wife]
 and hna mendoza with CAKE!!!
okay okay okay. first of all. the german chocolate cake was enjoyed by all. even and ESPECIALLY those who have semi negative remarks about the plethora of packages i am sent by you sweethearts. so thank you! okay. and then the pudding? WOW. delish. thank you thank you thank you!! i absolutely love my family to the end of the universe!

i'll be completely honest with you. i don't think i've had a more trying week on my mission than this last one. it's hard to explain exactly what happened... but we literally lost all our investigators, including hno chavez--who literally just needs to say "i will follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized" or, digo, "SI" after we say, "seguira el ejemplo de jesucrist y ser bautisado por alguien que posee el sacerdocio de dios?" ha. he just needs to say yes--he's THAT close. anyway, he secretly dropped us. then didn't answer the phone, hung up on us, didn't come to churcha and broke our hearts. basically the same thing with our other couple investigadores. at one point of the week we were literally getting rocks thrown at us. i asked sister mendoza if it was really happening because it was SO RIDICULOUS. but we took SUCH courage as we tried to live the battalion line, "despite the difficult circumstances, we chose to be happy." we tried. we tried SO hard! we prayed and prayed and prayed and fasted and wow. my testimony about fasting wasn't the strongest.. but lately i've been thinking and praying to know what i can sacrifice to be more pure and to be be a better missionary and to see MIRACLES. so we fasted and... wow. we've seen miracles. heavenly father blesses us when we sacrifice these little things--like food! hno chavez had a COMPLETE change of heart; he went to another church and felt a huge difference and now knows that the church is true. so we're giong to meet with him tomorrow... then--last night--we got a phone call from a random elder who gave us FIVE REFERRALS. okay. first of all--la mesa NEVER GETS REFERRALS!!!!!!!! second of all--sister christensen never gets referrals! haha so this may just be more referrals than i've ever received in my whole mission... in just one night! i'm telling you... heavenly father!! so things are lookiing up. even now, looking back on last week, it doesnt' seem that bad. but during it, wow. we felt like we had nothing, but we tried to be happy and see the good. this is how life is: if we just look for the good despite the turbulance, we'll make it through! i KNOW that heavenly father was helping us through that every step of the way, and was just testing our faith. we are HIS! i loved that bro said he wasn't sent there to fail--i love that. we were NOT sent here to earth to fail, but to live! to make it! and to be HAPPY!!! so let us all CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!!

Grandpa & Grandma Hunsaker, Derek & Jen
James & Aidan with Hermana C!
First commitment: MORMON.ORG! period.

second: once you've completed your profile on MORMON.ORG, and you've told your favorite missionary daughter, watch the new profile (movie) about the girl in wien. i about started crying when i saw it. you only see my beloved wien for about .3 seconds, but still!

third: pray and ask our father in heaven what things specifically you can give up to have more of the spirit in your life. i promise he'll answer you. have the valor to give it up and just WAIT for the miracles!!

fourth: CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!! look for the good!!! las bendiciones sobreabundan sobre nosotros!

the church is true. love you all. DEARLY!

hna christensen
sister park and i at the temp. :) BEST DAY!!!