Monday, March 14, 2011

3/14/2011 Elder Christensen

Los Elderes de la islita. In a park on pday!!
Hola mis queridos amigos! Well its official that the Lord throws a nasty curveball. After only one change here in Talagante we received the call that I´m being changed. I wish they would let us know something about where or who or whatever but the suspense just builds and turns into a nuke in my stomach haha. Awful.

I´m feeling like 50/50 right now. On one hand I just got used to the bike, I LOVE the people here and the other missionaries, we have tons of plans to help out the branch, and I´m pretty upset to be leaving here when I just got to know it.... On the other hand...I´m excited!! I feel like obama by saying...... " WE NEED CHANGE" hahaha. I know that changes are only for our personal growth! Whatever awaits me will be just as good and if my attitude is right it will be better! I also know that the Lord knows whats best for me as well as for every single one of us. So its like... I´m on the fence... I think I´ll remain on the fence until I jump down on the other side at like 7 tomorrow morning haha.

Swingset!! Check out how ghetto it is haha.
Its been really great here lately. We´ve found a bunch of really nice people and planted at least 203947293487239487 seeds here. I know that our work will pay off. We never know what is going on behind the scenes in the lives of these people.. I just know that our words pierce the hearts of these people when we speak by the spirit. Its vital that we maintain ourselves worthy of him and that we use his power. Hey I hope all is well with everyone too. The people here are spooked because of the HUGE earthquake and tsunami stuff thats going on. How CRAZY. It looks like a movie or something... I was like... Uhh.. Are they watching the day after tomorrow? Oh nope! Thats Japan!

I love you all so much and I pray for you constantly. Keep doing what you can where you can. Remember that the little things count. Espero que cada uno de ustedes puedan pensar en alguna manera que pueden compartir el evangelio restaurado con alguien esta semana. Les quiero muchisimo.. Elder Christensen

Message to mom and dad. Love you both. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for all the support. You´re in my prayers constantly. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay on the iron rod as firm as you can! Both hands!! All ten fingers!! TO THE ROD! Ciaoito: Elder Christensen