Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/15/2011 Hermana Christensen

rudolph. he was homeless. literallyt he funniest tour i have ever given in my life.


sorry sorry i have t minus 6 minutes.

BUT i just wanted to say that we had the beautiful opportunity to go to the temple just barely and WOW! tms EVERYWHERE! beginning with the "wdr" ring right in front of me (ctr auf deutsch!!!), to sister park sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME. unbelievable!!! i feel so grateful and SO blessed. as we sat in the celestial room talking about all the hebrew/greek stuff from presidents, i felt so overwhelmed with LOVE and gratitude and a certainty that this TRULY is god's church! it's all true!!!!!!

this week i had a beautiful experience at the battalion--a family sister story and i worked with in chula came in with the missionaries.... the dad (mario) was antid and so their family fell into inactivity... anyways, we tried helping them get to church and it didn't really work out. miracle after miracle we find a member who wants missionarie to live with him, elders move in, and MONTHS later they find a way into mario's heart... and now they're working towards getting SEALED IN THE TEMPLE!!!!! and the 2 boys we tried working with to get baptized are getting baptized in the upcoming months! i was BEAMING and couldn't help but think about how incandescently happy the gospel of jesus christ makes us.

i feel like i've never been more grateful to be alive or to be a missionary or to have YOU than ever before. i love you, family, hope you know that. SO SO SO much. no hay palabras!!!!

stay strong. know that i love you. there is only one way--stay on the straight and narrow and look out for our lost/fallen brothers and sisters along the way.

hermana christensen

ps. you're on the sd temple prayer roll!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. JOAN!!! guess what? one of my most prized friends in the branch is named silvia garcia---she's friends with martia lima!!! SMALL WORLD!!

jean. if you're reading this. i love you. stay strong.

to my 8--love you as well. prayin for you.

coolest ward member ever