Monday, March 14, 2011

2/28/2010 Elder Christensen

Elder Stoddard the AP!!!
Hey friends and fam!! Yet another ridiculously fast week has melted away. I think riding a bike has something to do with that haha. Lets get down to business. Our branch is doin okay. 35 people showed up at church this week. The lowest in my time here. We´ve had several meetings with the branch Pres and his counsellors to try and figure this stuff out. The fact is that many people just don´t want ANYTHING. Like I said last week. The people are happy with their apostasy. We´re trying to think of ways to get the branch EXCITED about this gospel. The Chileans are LAZY about sharing the gospel haha. They don´t even share with their own family that aren´t members.. Like.... what?? Lets just say for example that Tawny wasn´t a member of the church... I would try every single day to try and help her understand. To try and preach the restored gospel.. Its SO SIMPLE too. Just take a look at amos 3:7 and you´re already set. There will ALWAYS be a prophet... Do you guys have a prophet?? Looks like not. APOSTATES!! Theres a .....MOSIAH 28:3... So good. It would literally HURT me that this person would have to perish..... I desire salvation for EVERYONE!!! The people here dont do that! I don´t get it! Do you want to live with your mom forever? Then can you please get sharing and help her like.....NOW!?!?!? Goodness its frustrating!!!

I don´t have a ton of time. We have one investigator whos awesome. Julio. I told you last week. This week he told us he was gonna put his bible aside and focus on receiving his answer. We´re stoked about it. The next step is to get him to church!! Hes awesome. Such a cute old man also. Hahah. That may sound weird but its too funny.

Heres a little challenge for you all. DyC 38:40-42.... Read it... It talks about how EVERY SINGLE member of the church needs to share the gospel with the sound of a warning voice. THIS IS IT!!! We´re in the latter days here people. The work is URGENT. Read this scripture, pray to have an opportunity to share the gospel, go out and DO IT. Your mouth will be FILLED. I promis you all its like this!! Sometimes its hard to approach someone like this but it WORKS!! DyC 30:11. DO NOT BE AFRAID. He is with you...Have a great week everyone!! Hope all is well in the USA. Also please tell my cousin Megan Happy birthday. I don´t remember how old she is.... Thats what the mission does to your brain!! Have a great one everyone! I´m praying for you all! Much love, Elder Christensen