Monday, March 14, 2011

2/21/2011 Elder Christensen

Elders Christensen & Guterrez
Hello friends and family!!! How is everyone doing?? I sure hope great. This week has been a very interesting one indeed. So... There are 4 of us that live in the sector as I previously explained. The work is going VERY slow and there a few people who actually want to listen. So now, the mission is thinking of taking TWO of the missionaries OUT for good... That would be HORRRIBLEEEE for not only us but for the ward! Satan is working so hard. How is that even possible!?!? Its so hard to even give a FREEEEEEE passalong with a DVD on it away to these people! Hello we´re servants of Christ!! NO NOT INTERESTED.. Okay can we give you a free dvd then? NO see you later. Like... really? WE HAVE YOUR SALVATION HEREEEEEEEEEE. Goodness. At least take the card and say thanks!! How hard is that? Even if you´re not going to call take the card and be nice to people! Outside of Utah ( there too! ) there are tons of just mean people! I am afraid to talk that far out of my boundaries. You need to be respectful with everyone!

So this week we´ve been working so HARDDDD all 4 of us. We held a special fast, we´ve prayed, we´ve had special meetings with the branch president, and we´re trying so hard to keep this place alive!! If they take out two missionaries, the two that stay will have a Gigantonormous area. It will be RIDICULOUS to have appointments so far away and the progress of the people will diminish. THAT CAN¨T HAPPEN. We´ve spent a ton of time knocking doors, contacting, and visiting less actives. We have one investigator named Julio who is reading the Book of Mormon and thinking alot about being baptized. Hes evangelico and its hard for him to think about being baptized again. Basicaly he doesnt understand that they are APOSTATES. ;) We´ve spent time reading with him and also explaining what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. IT CAN CHANGE LIVES! It has changed many, and it will change many more. Why? Because its trueeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hes progressing slowly but surely. He said he was going to put his bibles away and start reading the LDM from the start. Veryyy niceeee!! We found another cool guy named Marcelino who has always like the mormons for not drinking or doing drugs. That type of Jazz. ( Word of wisdom Plzzzz!!!) He actually WANTS us to come back today! We´ll be heading over there at 9:30 to teach him lesson one. Thats the just of our miracles this week. Hours on the bike, hundreds who don´t want anything, but the DESIRE TO SHARE STILL EXISTS! "Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name!!" Sick song. I sing it alot too.Helps keep us all going. Have a great week everyone. Hope all is well. Lift where you stand. The gospel is TRUE! You don´t realize it until you NEED it. Until you NEED to repent. Until you NEED the atonement. Until you lose a member of your family. Until there is a change. A change of desires and a change of heart. Thats when someone decides to take the gospel and thats why we keep pedaling. Someone today needs the gospel in they´re lives. FIND them. Thats your assignment! Love you all. Besitos! Ciao! Elder Christensen