Monday, March 14, 2011

3/7/2011 Elder Christensen

This HUGE batch of Chicken alfredo we made last week.
 SO good!!!
Hey everyone! Its been another excellent week here in La Islita! Soooo get this. Our bikes have been broken this WHOLE week. We´ve had to spend a whole bunch of money and take micros and to fix our bikes. Its been ridiculous!! Here´s something that made me think though.... Our numbers and our success were both MUCH MUCH better without bikes.... Coincidence? Or blessings? Hmm... We´ve found two families who are like... GOLDENNN! The first is La familia Guerra. They have tons of questions about us and are practically begging us to come by. Hahah. Thats like unheard of in not only my sector but like all of Chile. The only problem is they can only do it on saturdays. BLAH. So we´ll be heading over this week... The next! This lady named Sara and her husband Christian. Her dad was a member before he died.. He was endowed and all that jazz. So she has a TON of gospel knowledge already and wants to learn MORE!! The only problem again is that they´re only home on Sundays! Give me a breakkkkkkkk! WAY cool though. It was a miracle to find them. The last is a kid named Camilo. Us 4 missionaries have gone to the feria ( Like the flea market outside) a couple times to give away folletos and laminas... We also have been singing hymns there. Anyways. We found this kid Camilo in the feria and have gone to his house like 2 times and have taught him a coulple times about the restoration. He LOVES it. He´s also praying and reading what we leave him. Its like... MIRACLE after MIRACLE! Lovin it. Now. I just wanted to point out to everyone here in this joint that this WEDNESDAY is my moms Birthday! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and wish her a happy birthday and tell her she ROCKS!! I wrote a SICK poem for her though you all ready? Here goes..

As a Family We´ll Prevail

To me it seems so very strange, that this year has come and gone.

I´m sure the house has been quite different without me and sister Tawn.

I sure love what I´m doing here, the work is going great,

It´s such an honor and privelege I have, this chance to participate.

I feel so blessed to have my family, with all your support and love,

I know I´ve been so very blessed by my father up above.

I´m not sure what I did to receive a life like this,

a life thats full of memories and laughs with unity and bliss.

It´s difficult to live sometimes but I know one thing for sure,

this love we have, this joy we share, forever can endure.

All we must do is apply what we know,

With family prayer and scripture study we´re sure to conquer the foe.

With the principles we have and the covenants we´ve made

A stable safe foundation has already been laid.

I may not know too much, maybe nothing at all,

but I know that with Christ´s gospel in our lives it´s impossible to fall.

He lived a perfect life, so very clean and pure,

Through the grace of his Atonement, We´re sure to find the cure.

The way he sacrificed himself, he must love us oh so much,

If we follow in his footsteps, one day his hands we´ll touch.

I know these things to be true, for they´ve been made clear unto me,

It´s now my job to go out there, and help the rest to see.

My parents I thank you oh so much, for showing me the way,

Sometimes its hard to express myself, and I can´t find what to say.

I´m grateful to have you in my life, I sure love you all a lot,

the good times we´ve had and the struggles we´ve faced, this love cannot be bought.

I´ll work my hardest every day, I´ll give it all I´ve got,

Let me tell you once again, that this love cannot be bought.

I know this plan is meant for us, I know we cannot fail,

If we remember these things and endure to the end, As a family we´ll prevail.

I couldn´t help but put the Jersey on over
 my clothes haha. I know you like it!
Hope you like it. I thought of the idea to write a poem LAST NIGHT for you´re birthday. . I hope all is going well for you guys over there and that you always remember to live the higher law. RAISE THE BAR: Even as missionaries WE need to raise the bar. So as normal people I know that you ALL can raise the bar. Find a couple things to change and CHANGE them! Hope everyone has a great week. Love you alllllllllllllll very much. You´re in my prayers. CIAOOOOOOOOO! Much , Your Elder in South America. Elder Christensen!