Monday, March 14, 2011

2/22/2011 Hermana Christensen


okay okay okay. lets just jump in.

so forever ago there was a girl named kristen who ran into some sisters at the park in la jolla (the nice city where the temp is). the missionaries asked for her number and she said no, maybe if i see you again. a little while later, they saw her again (which NEVER happens in la jolla) and kristen said the same thing. "naw.. just coincidence.. if i see you again yes." awhile later they saw each other AGAIN! ay! anyway, many sisters taught her and a lot of time passed blah blah blah but she got baptized and is going on a mission now. unspeakable. it is absolutely unreal. in devo last week (we have a battalion devo every thurs at 8) the sisters giving it talked about when you cut an apple up there are however many seeds--you can see them and count them. but how many apples are in a seed? THAT'S missionary week. we have NO idea how many of these people will go on to become "apples" so to speak haha. but seriously. unbelievable. even though it's not my miracle and it has ntohing to do with me, it has strengthened my testiony and filled me with hope to continue forward trying to harvest. souls. hah. you know what i mean.

awhile back i may have shared about a bomb exchange i had. actually i doubt i did. welp it was last transfer and i was with a HIGHLARIOUS sista named sister seguin, and she really showed me that missionary work is FUN. we had an amazing day with so many miracles. yesterday at the batatlion she walked in with a lady that looked sooo familiar and sista seguin said, 'remember her?!" and waited for me.... we were driving looking for somebody's hosue ( i was lost. but i've found that even when we're lost due to poor planning -[on my part] or poor navigational skills, we STILL FIND PEOPLE!! I THINK HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES US OR SOMETHING!!!!) and we found this lady in a wheelchair struggling.. we ran out of the car to help her and she talked our EARS and eyes off our bodies but it was wonderful. we were giving her our number on our card with a pic of the temple on it when this lady walks up and says, "are you mormon? i see the temple... i'm mormon too!" turns out she's less active.. soemthing about her husband not letting her go to church? whatev. she's neighbs to this lady--no coincidence!--and we were able to visit with her for a sec. her name is ana and shes from hungary. anyway, the wheelchair woman, ana, and i had a nice little chat in german, and we all walked away (or rolled) to our various destinations feeling such happiness.... POINT OF THE STORY haha is that ana is ACTIVE, sharing the gospel, and her mom is getting BAPTIZED! again, nothing to do with me, just blissful blessings that the gospel brings to us and our families!!!

all's well in zion. we are loving our lives. sister mendoza is pretty legit and i'm uber grateful to be her comp. our area is coming... tomorrow we're having a throw down lesson ON TEMPLE GROUNDS with hermano chavez so he knows he doesn't need to have the book of genesis or revelations memorized to be baptized. should be solid. life's a bowl of cherries.

there are 8 sisters leaving next week. i seriously think my heart is going to break in half. i HATE change. hate hate hate. it's incredible how close we've all become and i really am just so incredibly grateful for how smart and wise and perfect our heavenly father is to put us all together at this pivotal time of life. these 8 sisters have taught me so much, and there seriously will be an empty space in my heart. but thus is life. i love them. mostly i'm just grateful. well actually i am entirely grateful. there is no growth without trial!!

ps check out my new mission president. i guess it was in church news. then let me know. ha. i love presidente donaldson...the MAN!

joan my sweetheart, you cute thing! thank you for your letter! p lease don't overexert yourself! just tell kristen (my ma) what you wanna say and she'll type it into her space phone that can do ANYTHING. i'm serious. instead of breaking your hand to write me, please eat some chocolate. i love you! and to answer your question, no i haven't heard from jessica and jennica has written me once. if they're alive and breathing tell them hello from their old friend sister christensen who is still alive and breathing in san diego. haha. i know they're busy. marriage... JOAN I LOVE YOU! stay strong sweet thing!

welp i'm glad everyone is... safe and... um in their own houses etc and safe and yeah. youi know what i mean. haha. i'm just glad things are well. thanks for the letters, the love, the photos of beauty (especially our "great room" my goodness! I LOVE IT!!!). youre the best fam i could ask for. and sorry the box wasn't cooler. i didn't have tons of notice. i'm trying not to accumlate garby willy!


i love you all.

hermana christensen