Monday, March 14, 2011

2/15/2011 Hermana Christensen

So... Kaylynn, what's this i hear about mice?  good thing you got pita outta there! get a cat!

helloooooooooooooooooooooo my sweetest sweet family! how are you all doing today?! How on earth was your dia de san valentin? i hope it was EXPLODING with love and candy and happiness!

I learned the neatest lesson ever this week. Okay so Heavenly Father loves us and answers our prayers. He always does. Sometimes its just more visible than others, right? Well, I've learned that the Battalion is where my prayers are often answered. If I need someone to come and offer to call my parents to wish willy a happy birthday, i can, and it'll go down. And it DID! remember? There are too many instances to count. Okay so back up. This transfer I have learned to REALLY depend on the rama, because I cannot do anything on my own. We NEED members at every lesson because we just DO! haha. so we were having a lesson with hermano chavez and he said he'd come into the battalion; my mind started racing on how we could get a member there and I decided to just pray and ask Heavenly Father to let Elder Ricks be there (i love that man) because he habla espanol. We go to the Battalion and BAM elder ricks was there. I told him about how he was an answer to my prayers and whatev-got to work at the mobat. Later on in the eve HENRY meanders in!!! okay, a--what JOY TO SEE HIM!!!! he is SO fuerte and so faithful and so legit. He's reading every day and is just so dang incredible. He was on a date, and they had nothing to do so they just hung out at the battalion. then in came hno chavez, and i went looking for e ricks, but then i had this distinct thought--"they (henry and his date) are just sitting in there playing the piano with no plans. that is no coincidence!!" and it wasn't. it really wasn't. i asked them if they'd like to spend their first date together helping in the missionary effort :) and they said yes. and the lesson was bomb. and hno chavez said he'd like to be baptized. bottom line: heavenly father answers our prayers in better ways than we can even imagine.

one of my fave lines in the tour is, "God gave us what we wanted most from where we least expected it." so true!

then, as if chula memories hadn't made my week enough with henry throwing down, karina straight up threw down her testimony in a CHARLA are you hearing me people she spoke at a FIRESIDE. she's received her pblessing and is taking her geneology to the temp this week. unreal. the joys of seeing these people progress in the gospel are indescribable. no words.

speaking of family history, i'm at a fam history center ahora which reminds me that I never told you--part of the training for this new program we're doing was to come to the afmily history center ... like the second week. it was BEAUTIFUL i tell you! i was and am filled with the spirit of elijah and cannot believe how thin the veil is! i know that this work is doable! I know willy your pbless says you've got work to do and you don't really know how with all the gaps. i don't really know what to tell you except that there IS a way! the new websites are INCREDIBLE. i'm sure you've done a whole lot of research, but maybe can i suggest asking people at a family history center or something for help? i can't believe how many resources there are to do this work! i love it!

I just want to say something really quickly. deciding to come on a mission was something hard. easy, but hard. i knew i needed to, and i wanted to, but it was hard. but i cannot even BEGIN to tell you... i have had dejavu so many times. everything was created spiritually before it was creating physically. as i physically do what i've already spiritually done, i feel it. the spirit is strong, and wherever i am with whoever i'm with is familiar, and i feel love. and peace. and i KNOW, i KNOW without a doubt that i am in the right. and then i am just grateful. i. am. SO. grateful to be here. i will always and forever remember and cherish my time here in san diego!

Well, i'm off. We're getting the haircut. stay tuned.. i may do something drastic. naaw.

the church is true. i know it. and i cannot deny it!

I love my family so much! i hope you're all staying strong and faithful and solid and HILARIOUS! i appreciate you and your ways more than my words can even explain!!!

hermana christensen

e hizo esto para poder salir el mismo entre los de su pueblo, o sea, entre el pueblo de nefi, a fin de predicarles la palabra de dios para despertar en ellos el recuerdo de sus deberes, y abatir, por medio de LA PALABRA DE DIOS, todo el orgullo y last artimanas, y todas las contenciones que habia entre su pueblo, porque no vio otra manera de rescatarlos SINO CON LA FUERZA DE UN TESTIMONIO PURO en contra de ellos.

alma 4 19

joan bourne glad you sweet thing to write me! i couldn't read the note but i feel your love so strongly! i LOVE you sweet thing! i hope you're staying warm and that you're still reading some good books!!!! :)
Happy Valentines Yesterday!!!!